30 mm Rocket Illuminating Signal Flares One – Star Type

30 mm rocket signal flares two-star
type have been intended for sending
of light signal at any time of day and
They are manufactured in two
colours: green and red.



Time of burning of the signal stars,s 6…8
Height of stars flying off:– at 45°, m

– at 80-90°, m

Visibility and distinguishing of the colour:– in day-time, km

– at moght, km



Paper cartridge case with metallic socket Ignition device
Flare:– two illuminating signal stars

– rocket part – turbine

– striking cap– fuze


195 flares in a wooden case – 3 pcs. in an airtight polythene bag
Case dimensions, mm 540 x 704 x 294
Case gross weight, kg 55
Case volume, m3 0.112