It is designed for destroying the enemy manpower in the open or in field shelters, for demolishing long-term shelters and log fire emplacements, for fighting the artillery and destroying armored vehicles. It can also be used for making passages in mine fields and defense wirings.


Type of charge Reduced / full
Muzzle velocity, m/s 511/655
Loading separate/separate
Max. range, m 17420
Manufacturer VMZ


D-20 gun-howitzer and ML-20 gun-howitzer


Fuse RGM-2, RGM-2M, D-1U, V-90


1 rounds in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 280 x 490 x 835
Volume, m3 0.114
Weight, kg 77/82

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 152 mm 152 mm High-Explosive Round With Full Charge For D-20, ML-20.


It’s hard to imagine modern military combat without the howitzer. These powerful, portable and versatile armaments have hardly left the world’s battlefields since they first saw battle in the late 1950s and early 1960s. But even the legendary capabilities of such weapons as the D-30 and the lighter, more mobile ML-20 can hardly live up to their fabled and fearsome reputation unless they are armed with the perfect ammunition for your purposes. If you need superior anti-tank, armored vehicle or anti-personnel stopping power, you need an ammunition supply with high-explosive capability. These rounds pack a punch and at full charge deliver superior stopping power that brings the HEAT into battle.


HEAT or High-Explosive Anti-Tank warheads use the Munroe effect to penetrate even the thick  armor on heavy duty personnel carriers with devastating precision.


What IS The Munroe Effect?


The Munroe effect or Neumann effect is the scientific principle that gives the 152mm high-explosive round its superior stopping power when at full charge. It is named after Charles E. Munroe, who discovered it in 1888 and while it is predominantly used in ballistic weapons systems it began life as a tool for mining and manufacture. The effect is used to maximizes the explosive power of the TNT charge. These rounds are designed to concentrate the blast energy from the charge to a narrow point using a conical brass liner within the shell’s nose. This contains an air filled cavity, beneath which sits a Piezo-electric trigger, the copper driving band, detonator and piro-nitrocellulose charge. Upon impact, these elements combine to create a focused force with devastating destructive potential.


Although high-explosive rounds are known by many as HEAT rounds, they are not effective because they burn or melt their way through armor. Rather they direct enormous kinetic energy for maximum penetration.


Potential combat applications


The 152 mm high-explosive round is traditionally used as an anti-tank missile, but its applications do not stop there. These howitzer rounds can also be used with coastal artillery for marine conflicts and have occasionally been used as anti-aircraft rounds. This ammunition has also been effective in;


  • Disabling enemy personnel.
  • Destroying enemy encampments such as log fire emplacements.
  • Destroying permanent structures.
  • Destroying mines to allow safe passage through a minefield.
  • Disabling enemy artillery, munitions caches and other assets.
  • Breaching defensive perimeters.


As you can see this is an extremely versatile and powerful round. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so special.


Ballistic characteristics


These 122mm full charge high-explosive rounds are manufactured by VMZ and are completed by the RGM-2, RGM-2M, D-1U and V-90 fuses. They have a meters per second muzzle velocity of 655 at full charge and an exceptional maximum range of up to 17,420m making them an outstanding choice for long-range combat.


These rounds have been a mainstay throughout the modern age of combat and can give you a tactical advantage whatever your needs and aims.