122 mm Round 3VOF6 With a High-Explosive Shell 53-OF 462 Reduced Charge

This product is intended for firing by the 122mm 2S-1 and D-30 howitzers, for destroying manpower and firearms in the open and in field shelters.
It is also intended for making of mine fields passages and defense wirings, fighting artillery and destroying light armored vehicles and equipment.
Inert training rounds are also produced.


Muzzle velocity (m/s) Maximum pressure (Pa) Maximum range (m)
565 2500.105 15300


Element Material Indication Weight (kg) Length (mm)
Shell Fuse RGM-2 0.438 106
Body Steel 17.578 500
Driving band Copper 0.400
Charge TNT 3.528
Cartridge case steel or brass 3.66 477
Charge – powder piro-nitrocellulose 2.43
Primer sleeve KVU 0.09
Manufacturer TREMA


Rounds 2 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 1190 x 430 x 230
Gross weight, kg 83
Case volume, m3 0.12
Round weight, kg 21.550 (6.325)
Round length, mm 558 (447)

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 122 mm Round 3VOF6 With a High-Explosive Shell 53-OF 462 Reduced Charge.


The 122mm howitzer is one of the most recognizable, powerful, versatile and revered weapons in modern military history. Since its combat debut in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s this famous has been a staple of modern warfare and likely forms a reliable part of your offensive capability. Yet, while your forces may rely on your D-30 and the 2S-1 howitzers, they need the right ammunition to live up to their fearsome reputation. That’s why these 122mm explosive shelled rounds with reduced charge have been precision engineered with only the finest components for the right combination of stopping power and versatility.


These rounds are typically used for;


  • Training exercises using inert rounds.
  • Disabling enemy personnel in open combat.
  • Clearing a safe path through an enemy minefield.
  • Devastating enemy encampments.
  • Disabling an enemy’s artillery, munitions stockpiles and other field assets.
  • Breaching defensive wirings.


These 122mm rounds are manufactured by TREMA and use the RGM-2 fuse. The steel shell casing covers a copper driving band and a 3.528 kg TNT charge. This is propelled at a muzzle velocity of 565 m/s with a maximum range of up 15,300 meters.


Howitzers and their accompanying 122 mm explosive shelled rounds have been an ever present armament for military forces all over the world for decades. And it’s not hard to see why!


Their devastating stopping power and range of combat applications make them indispensable for those who fight to win.