122 mm M-21OF ROCKET

The 122 mm rocket is designed for destroying mortars, field and rocket artillery and motorized units, defeating manpower and enemy firepower in entrenchments and trenches, destroying communication lines, strongpoints and field defense constructions, making passages in defense wirings and outlook posts, destroying enemy’s back areas (railway junctions, headquarters, concentrated military forces) and large-area simultaneous destruction of group targets through volley fire.





Weight of rocket, kg 66, 180
Maximum range, m 20127
Maximum velocity, m/s 690
Spoiler rings Small and big one
Area of effect:
– against manpower, m2
– against combat equipment, m- against combat equipment, m2
Safe operational temperature range, °С -40…50


BM-21 “GRAD” Multiple-Launch Rocket System


Dimensions, mm 2807 x 280 x 252
1 rocket in a case
Gross weight, kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply 122 mm M-21OF rocket. This rocket is designed for destroying hostile mortar equipment, encampments, field and rocket artillery, motorized units and unprotected shelters. With its 708 m2 effective range, it can destroy enemy infantry efficiently in open areas, and the 225 m2 area of effect against combat equipment makes it destructive against enemy structures and vital communications equipment.


The rockets are fired from a BM-21 “GRAD” multiple-launch rocket system. Since the rocket system houses 40 rockets at once and shoots at a speed of 2 rockets per second, the 122 mm M-21OF rocket makes an excellent choice for both precision strikes and clearing large open areas. The rockets can all be fired in under 20 seconds if a large area needs to be cleared before group infantry are able to move on. It can also soften ground targets, fortifications and communication lines before air support or artillery can arrive on the battlefield.


This rocket is typically used in open battlefields when targeting large platoons of enemy infantry. The effective blast radius makes it an extremely effective weapon in open fields, even when there are trenches and minor fortifications. Field defense constructions are also a viable target for the 122 mm M-21OF rocket thanks to the weak structures that it can decimate.


The 122 mm M-21OF rocket is also extremely effective when put against large numbers of targets. As mentioned before, the BM-21 “GRAD” rocket system supports up to a load of 40 rockets, meaning it can precisely target a large area and weaken defenses in less than a minute. It is also often used to disrupt supply lines, destroy railway junctions, temporary headquarters and even some fortified buildings if a direct hit lands on the target.


While loading 40 individual rockets can take a lot of time, the rockets are light enough that a crew of three (the recommended number to operate a BM-21) can easily load an entire salvo of 40 rockets in record time, making the BM-21 a surprisingly effective weapon that can fire fast and rain down a destructive carpet of explosives on the target.


Detailed Characteristics


The 122 mm M-21OF rocket is made to be used as part of the BM-21 “GRAD” multiple-launch rocket system. The BM-21 houses up to 40 rockets and can fire in salvos of 2 rockets per second. This makes the weapon incredibly powerful and destructive, causing major damage to everything in the targeted area.


Each rocket weighs approximately 66 kg. It has a safe operational temperature range of -40 to 50°С, making it effective in all combat environments on earth. The rocket has a maximum range of 20,127 m (12.5 miles) making it fantastic for long-range engagements and weakening of targets. The rocket travels at a velocity of 690 m/s when shot from the specified BM-21 rocket system.


The rockets are sold in single cases, with each one reaching a gross weight of 100 kg. The packaging dimensions are 2807 x 280 x 252 mm.